TWO FOLD stands for two things: environmental and social consciousness. We are a small batch clothing label made in Charlotte, North Carolina. All of our clothing is made to order, created in house, and released in capsule collections twice a year opposed to the continual release cycle to ensure quality over quantity.

Environmental consciousness: We use only the highest of quality, certified organic and sustainable fabrics. Fibers such as organic cotton, tencel, and raw silk noil are completely biodegradable and are made from all renewable resources. We also use 100% recycled packaging supplies in our shipping. We are continually looking for ways to lower our waste and be gentler to our planet. 

Social Consciousness: Here at Two Fold, we believe in helping those in need. We are working with a company, called 410 Bridge, that goes into communities in the developing world, assesses their needs, and implements programs to bring them into economic stability. We aren't just throwing funds at these communities and letting them fend for themselves, we are helping them thrive. 

Two Fold's purpose is to encourage and uplift other women to live their best lives. As women we have the opportunity to bring out the best in our fellow warriors. When you wear a Two Fold piece, know that we are cheering you on to be your best self. We are here encouraging you to not only look great, but feel great.

All of our pieces are created from start to finish under one roof. This helps oversee quality control, have healthy environments and fair wages for workers, and ensure your piece is created with care and attention to the finest of detail. The people who create, and consume these products are at the core of why we do things the way we do.