Recently I’ve found myself yearning for more time. More time for slowing down and really diving deep. I wish there was time to do everything I dream of doing. Life seems so cluttered with work and obligations that I don’t have the time to stop and appreciate where I am in this moment and in this season. Autumn is a season for crisp air and crunchy leaves. It’s a season of holidays, activities and busy schedules. I desire to dive deep into life and live it to the fullest but also have the time to enjoy the little moments, mundane tasks and interactions.

Similarly, I have found myself desiring to dive deep into past beloved styles and offer them in more fabric and color options. I decided to bring back previously released styles and offer them in the same fabrics and colors as before and bring in new options as well. Along with re-releasing a few past styles, I’ve felt a shift to wanting a more well-rounded collection. I’ve had a few key pieces bopping around in my mind for a while now and am excited to finally see them come to life - styles such as a utilitarian pocket tunic, simple shift dress, an a-line, mid-length skirt, and long sleeve wrap styles meant for everyday wear. This collection feels polished, functional, and effortless.

When deciding on the aesthetics of this collection, I always came back to the colorstory. I found myself gravitating towards basic earth tones and neutrals. With each past collection I added a pop of color to add interest, but with this one, I wanted to stay true to the vision I kept imagining. The colors in this collection range from dark blacks, to cool grays, to warm tans. The fabrics are a mixture of textured wools, silky tencel, nubby raw silk noil, and clean, crisp cotton poplin. There’s an air of ease and comfort while also feeling casual and sporty. We shot this collection’s editorial on film to further communicate softness and stillness. I hope these pieces and this collection make you feel grounded, carefree, and like time is slowing down, even if just for a moment.

Photography (editorial): Tiana Petrullo

Photography (product): The Mango Market

Models: Charae Camille and Skylar McGhee