I have been a fan of Danielle's of Flora and Form from afar for quite a while. I've always loved her abstract shapes and color blocking. Along with her fine art, she also sculpts beautiful pottery. They have a sense of raw simplicity, yet still plays with interesting shapes and forms. Danielle and I have followed each others' work through social media and it just seemed natural to work together.

We decided to photograph these pieces at the coast because that's the only place we could imagine them. The sea comes with endless hours of sunlight, scorching temperatures, and soft, sandy beaches. The roaring waves come in and out, in and out, giving solace and peace with it's assurance to always be there crashing. The "blooms" Danielle painted felt right at home in the rolling dunes that lined the shore and lounging seaside while the sun beat down, eventually setting over the horizon. Danielle lives in Florida and it seemed perfect to photograph them right where they were dreamed up and painted - a coming home of sorts.

The aim for my designs is to create simple, wearable silhouettes. Minimal, feminine, and flattering. The fabrics speak for themselves - a nubby raw silk, a structured hemp/cotton canvas, a buttery soft linen. I wanted to do just that with this collaboration. I gave Danielle free range to create a design that spoke to both of our aesthetics and what she came up with overly exceeded my expectations. The fabric she created speaks volumes and subtly adds feminine and artistic interest to the wrap style from the SS18 collection. The unfussy wrap styles felt like the perfect compliment to the shapes and pattern Danielle created, wrapping the "blooms" around the body and allowing the artwork speak for itself. To learn more about Danielle and her inspiration behind her design, take a look at her interview here.


Fabric painting: Flora + Form

Photography and Art Direction: The Mango Market

Models: Jess Valdés and Kelsey