Spring 17 Editorial

This collection was such a joy to create. I have enjoyed designing my entire life, working with my hands, seeing something go from an idea in my head to a physical piece. It is so rewarding for me.

This was first inspired by the pieces I felt were missing from my own wardrobe. These pieces were designed to flow perfectly into any wardrobe. To help fill in the gaps of basic building block pieces needed for a well-rounded closet. I kept these pieces simple, taking away anything unnecessary.

I wanted to create something that was more than just clothing. I wanted to create something that captured a sense of wonder. A sense of beauty in difficult times. This collection is a blend of feminine and sturdy pieces with a playful feel. With a contrast of blacks and natural tones and a few pops of color, we decided the theme of the editorial to be "Shadow Play".

We stuck with this theme by playing with interesting shadows at a lovely site here in Charlotte, NC and the added pop of Dusty Rose and Marsh gave it a very playful feel. This collection was meant to add a little joy to the ever-worried atmosphere our country and it's people have been faced with the past few months. We wanted this editorial to mirror that. Joy, during times of worry. "Shadow Play" embodied.

Photography: Sadie Culberson Photography

Models: Reese Blutstein and Beck Ballardd

Jewelry: Geoflora Jewelry