Reese Woven Top

The Reese Woven Top

The softest, comfiest top you will ever own. It's slightly open neckline shows just the right amount of skin for a flattering neckline. Made from a heavier weight, handwoven cotton. It's just the right amount of warmth in the chilly mornings and cool evenings and transitional months from winter to spring.

We worked with talented local weaver to design the perfect fabric for the woven Reese top and dress. We decided on a slightly heavier weight cotton in a herringbone for the perfect coziness and softest hand. After selecting the fiber, colors, and pattern it is looped by hand, one thread at a time. Woven with a subtle herringbone pattern, this cotton fabric is incredibly soft and not too much drape for a better fitting shape. This fabric is beyond comfortable, and you may never want to take it off!

handwoven cotton.JPG