Woman in the Straw Hat


My beautiful friend, Bethany Cochran, recently reached out to me to ask if she could paint one of the photos from the Spring Summer 18 collection. I immediately jumped on the opportunity because her art is simply stunning. She is an impressionist artist here in Charlotte, NC and her work focuses on portraiture and figures.

Art and artists have been an inspiration for many of my designs and collections. I love finding commonality in an artist's work and meditating on their aesthetics and artistic choices. It feels strange, yet exhilarating, to see it come full circle and see something I've created made into a beautiful painting. 

The Spring Summer 18 collection was one of my favorite collections to date. It was so true to my personal style and the things I love to wear, that it felt like I was sharing a deep part of me. Like the collection spoke to who I was. It felt grounded and connected with the earth, easy and stress-free, and feminine and flattering.

Photography by Sadie Culberson

Photography by Sadie Culberson

When I received the photographs from the photoshoot there were a few that immediately stood out to me. Because the shoot was so "unplanned" in many regards (with only a few starting point inspirations) I didn't know exactly what the photos were going to look like. But I was blown away how they turned out. This was one that particularly stood out to me. When Bethany sent the options of her favorite photos she'd like to paint, I immediately chose this one. While the photo is stunning, Bethany's rendition is remarkable. I am blown away by the attention to detail and craftsmanship. Truly at a loss for words.


Artwork and photographs by Bethany Cochran. For more information on her work, visit her Etsy shop at bethanycochranart.etsy.com.