With summer comes scorching hot temps, easy lounging afternoons, and days spent in the sun with not a care in the world. I, personally, am drawn more to the cool weather of autumn, but creating this collection had me dreaming for direct sunlight and the warmth of it's rays beating on my skin. This collection is meant to compliment the easy, carefree spirit that summer brings with it. We wanted to show these pieces just as they were intended to be worn, so we took the collection to the Appalachian Mountains and photographed them in the heat of the day with the sun directly over us. With this photoshoot we were able to embrace this "easy living" mantra and simply put the pieces on the models and "let the magic happen". We decided not to force the direction and came together with only a few ideas and concepts so we could let the effortlessness shine through. This is such a different process than our normally very outlined and strategic planning, that it meant all the more to shoot this way. 

All of the pieces in this collection are easy to simply pull on and wear. The bottoms, while they have a modern trouser look, are easily pulled on with the elastic back waistband and sit comfortably at the waist. The jumpsuit features a double v neckline which makes it easy to pull on over the hips and wears so nicely all on its own. The silhouettes are heavily inspired by traditional Japanese culture and modern, western design. Traditional Japanese dress is known for the wrap kimono and layered dresses. We drew from this to create the wrap styles and belted pieces. We also brought this in by titling each style after a traditional Asian name. 

These silhouettes compliment the easy, no-fuss aesthetic the collection embodies and the marriage of the two blend so effortlessly. The linen fabrics these pieces are made in express the notion of effortless living and add a nonchalant attitude to the collection. The cotton denim is a direct symbol of western design, as denim is one of the most iconic fabrics of the United States. The collection compliments the warmth and ease of summer and gives a blank canvas to the adventures and everyday life that they will be a part of.

Photography: Sadie Culberson

Models: Morgan Diep and Kaitlyn Cheek